What is Cerami.D.A?


"Cerami.D.A" is a highly functional product (antiviral processing liquid) that is antiviral, antibacterial, and deodorant. It continues to adsorb and decompose proteins (viruses, bacteria, allergens, odor-causing fine substances).


About Cerami.D.A products

Ceramida-powderWe process Ceramida into various products and proceed with product development.

Most of the usual sterilization and deodorant products are "confined", "added with other odors", and "only for that time". However, by adding Ceramide to various products, antiviral, antibacterial, and deodorant functions can be added.


Toward a new lifestyle with "Ceramide" products

  • Comfortable indoors without a mask
  • Comfortable and free from odors
  • Energy saving without increasing electricity consumption
  • There is no need to set up a new installation location, and maintenance is easy.
  • Enables long-term use

Features of Ceramida products

The effect of Ceramida has been scientifically proven to be effective as a result of various deodorant and antibacterial tests.

  • It captures and decomposes minute substances such as bacteria, viruses, molds, and pollen.
  • It catches protein-derived odors (body odor, sweat odor, excretion odor, etc.) and decomposes them without releasing them.
  • Rest assured that it is combined with food additives approved by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.
  • Ceramida does not produce drug-resistant viruses or multidrug-resistant bacteria.
  • Can be applied to various fields
*It adsorbs and decomposes allergens contained in pollen, but it cannot decompose pollen itself.


About Ceramida technology

"Cerami.D.A" is a continuous antiviral, antibacterial and deodorant product. This can be processed into various products and add value to the product.

Ceramida is a technology developed by Shinshu Ceramics Co., Ltd., which is a ceramicized version of titanium oxide, silver, and hydroxyapatite.

As an effect, it continues to adsorb and decompose viruses (coronavirus (human), influenza urus, etc.), bacteria (Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, etc.), molds, allergens, and proteins that cause odors (originating from bacteria).

Silver (electrodes) helps the reaction rate of titanium oxide, so it continues to decompose even in the dark. In addition, the action of hydroxyapatite produces an adsorption effect, and it is possible to capture minute substances other than proteins (some substances do not decompose).

*Ceramida uses the patented technology "Earth Plus" of Shinshu Ceramics Co., Ltd.


"Ceramide" has been highly evaluated for its excellent effects in publications in English medical journals (* 1) and verification experiments in the "Biomedical Science Study Group (* 2)". As a result, it is used in various materials and equipment.

The technology for producing "Earth Plus", which is the basis of "Ceramide", has been patented (* 3). "Earth Plus" is the world's first patented product developed by Shinshu University and Shinshu Ceramics.

  • *1:International Journal of Nanomedicine
  • *2:A non-profit organization composed of national and public research institutes specializing in medicine, pharmacy, biology, etc., and experts from universities.
  • *3:Approximately 80 patents related to Earth Plus technology.


Ceramide mechanism

The main component of Ceramida is a combination of ceramics, which is a food additive.This food additive has been approved by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare for its safety.

  • Hydroxyapatite (HAp): Captures and keeps minute substances
  • Titanium oxide (Tio2): Decomposes (decreases) proteins
  • Silver (Ag): Electrode that promotes the decomposition action of titanium oxide

By coordinating the above three types, proteins floating in the room will continue to be adsorbed and continuously decomposed (* depending on the usage environment). Makes viruses and bacteria harmless.

In addition, the adsorption effect of hydroxyapatite can capture invisible minute substances (PM2.5, exhaust gas, nicotine, tar, etc.) and suppress scattering. * Only proteins can be decomposed.

Effect of ceramida

Ceramida has been demonstrated in antiviral, antibacterial, deodorant, etc. effect data and papers at domestic and overseas testing institutions and universities.

Virus test

The antiviral effect of Ceramida has been confirmed to be 99.975% inactivation rate in 5 minutes in two types of virus tests.

Virus name reduction rate
Human Coronavirus 229E 99.975% in 5 minutes
Influenza virus (InfluenzaH1N1pdm) 99.980% in 5 minutes

Bacterial test

Bacterial test Growth inhibition value rate
Escherichia coli (serotype O157) 99.9% reduction in 2 hours
Staphylococcus aureus 99.9% reduction in 2 hours

* When "Ceramide" is processed into fiber, the value after washing 50 times is the same.
* The above testing organization: Japan Textile Product Quality Technology Center, etc.

Deodorant test

Types of odors Decrease rate
Ammonia odor 99.9% reduction in 2 hours
Excretion odor 95%
Sweat odor 94%
Aging odor 70%
Animal odor 70%
Swill smell 70%

*The above testing organization: Textile Evaluation Technology Council 

Ceramida's originality

Antibacterial / antiviral / deodorant technology that does not rely on chemicals (ceramic composite functional material)
Ceramida is not a drug.

Obtained a basic patent as a material

There is a scientific basis for the effect.

Features of Ceramida

  • "Ceramide" decomposes (reduces) proteins (viruses, bacteria, allergens, odors derived from bacteria, etc.)
  • "Ceramide" does not produce multidrug-resistant bacteria such as viruses and bacteria
  • "Ceramide" instantly adsorbs proteins and fine substances (PM2.5, exhaust gas, scientific odor, etc.)
  • The decomposition action of "Ceramide" is semi-permanent regardless of location (darkness, water, etc.)
* "Ceramide" adsorbs and decomposes allergens contained in pollen, but it cannot decompose pollen itself.
* Effects vary depending on the processed product and usage environment.


There is a product in which Ceramide is processed into an air conditioner filter.
By installing this filter at the air intake of the air conditioner, the dirty air in the room is discharged as clean air.

 the dirty air in the room is discharged as clean air.

Possibility of "Ceramide"

"Ceramide" can be processed into various products and products. In addition, it can be fixed semi-permanently by applying heat during processing, so it can also be used for items that require cleaning or washing.

We cannot tell you about the processing process, but it is a functional product that can be applied not only to the medical industry but also to various fields.


Products currently under development

Textile products


ceramida Bedding and pillows

Bedding and pillows

Sleep is the time needed to get rid of human fatigue.In 112 years since our founding, we have collaborated with the 5th generation owner of the Nemuriya to develop "clean sleep pillows and bedding" to protect from various allergens and improve the quality of sleep.

Pillows are complete and on sale.



Adsorbs and decomposes bacteria that propagate on the feet.
We are experimenting with socks for sweaty children and businessmen.
We have received high praise, effectiveness, and joy from all the monitors. In addition, some people say that athlete's foot has improved.

ceramida towel


We are developing a towel that does not smell because "Ceramide" suppresses the growth of bacteria.
There is no annoying odor in a semi-dry state after washing.
When used as a pillow cover, the odor of aging in the room is reduced.
By using towels for pet cages, the smell of pets in the room can be drastically reduced.
We have confirmed the effect of deodorant.

The above developed products are being developed based on the voices of housewives (* The photo is an image).